Thursday, March 12, 2009

28 Things

a very special cake from a very special boy

I had a birthday last month, a good one, one that exceeded my imaginary "grown-up" age by 4.
Inspired by
hot diggity blog here is a list (or perhaps for tonight a list in progress) of 28 things I hope to accomplish before I am 29 - I better hop to it, only 10 months and 2 weeks to go!
  1. (let me begin with the pink elephant) Start a Blog of Lovlies (check!)
  2. Update aforementioned blog regularly
  3. Make each gift I give at least partially handmade
  4. Plant a garden
  5. Preserve food from my garden to enjoy all year
  6. Travel somewhere I've never been
  7. Use my library card
  8. Have "date nights" (okay, maybe afternoons) with my boys - one on one - monthly
  9. Take a photography class
  10. Frame more pictures for our home
  11. Throw great birthday parties
  12. Explore flea markets
  13. Go to the Farmer's Market downtown
  14. Create a "studio" somewhere for myself, even if it is just a corner
  15. Start an etsy shop
  16. Read 1 book/month


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