Sunday, March 22, 2009

Good Intentions.... Gone Bad

Sometimes good intentions get the best of me. I am kinda a plan girl - as much as I would like to be a "fly by the seat of your pants type of gal" - I really need a concise plan of attack and I need to be armed with at least one list and perhaps a timeline in order to be most efficient and successful. Today was a prime example of that.

Today was my baby's 1st birthday party (sniff sniff) and what started as illusions of grandeur ended in disaster avoidance. One hour before the party I had a burned hand, not showered, the boys were not bathed and 12 little things that vaguely resembled cupcakes in my kitchen when I realized my intentions of having the "best 1st birthday party ever" had flown the coop so did my composure. A deep breath, a quick bath and 3 fights with the 3 year old over bath time later the party had begun (albeit with no actual food on the table).

What can I say, had I actually known what kind of cupcakes I was going to make when I entered the grocery store at 10 pm last night I may not have been irritated when I realized that I had just made plain cupcakes rather than the lemon ones I thought I was making and actually bought frosting so when the raspberry glaze I had intended failed miserably I would have had something to fall back on.
So this is what I had envisioned: (via Martha Stewart, (I think she just sets us up to fail, but that is a whole other post!))

And this is how it turned out (those are supposed to be R shaped cookies, at least I got the frosting color right.)

What I must remind myself is that in the end it doesn't matter, he won't remember that his cupcakes looked awful and weren't lemon, nor will he remember that his mama was a scatterbrained basket-case while preparing for the shindig. What does matter is that he is here, and everyone who loves him the most was here today too - that is what I want him to remember.

PS... The birthday crown and tee-shirt I made him earlier in the week turned out darling, so that obviously counts for something!


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