Monday, March 23, 2009

Embroidery, my new obsession

I was at the fabric store a couple of weeks ago and decided, while looking at the rainbow wall of thread, that I wanted, excuse me, needed to start embroidering. Immediately. (By the way... I do that with things, get an idea in my head and I don't sleep or eat until I have accomplished it. And after I have gone to bed and am just about to fall asleep, another idea pops up and I am awake for another hour.)

I bought a couple of skeins of thread, some needles, a couple of transfers and some muslin. Since my stitching knowledge goes as far as treading the needle I thought I may need some help, I found this website and her video tutorials were better than any class I could have taken. Quick, easy to understand and I was able to play it back again and again until I had it figured out. A few quick lessons and I was off.

This is my first project, I modified a piece of clip art and traced it on and later added the fabric around the edges to make it a full sized dish towel.

With this one I was hooked and have spent the last two weeks finding anything and everything I can to embroider, I warned my hubs that he may come home to a closet full of stitched jeans - wouldn't you just love a duck stitched on the side of your jeans?? He politely declined.

Here is project number 2 - another dishtowel, still getting the hang of the french knots.
There are several other works in progress.... stay tuned.


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